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About saffron

With its golden color, pleasant aroma, and unique taste fascinates the world. Its refreshing properties, healing power, softness,  beauty, and other magical specifications conquered the hearts of different nations throughout history. Saffron adds a distinctive flavor and color to dishes, slightly bitter with a golden-yellow color, completing the magic with a heavenly sweet odor. The saffron secrets come from its primary components; “Crocin” is responsible for coloring power, “Safranal” is a volatile oil and is responsible for the exceptional aroma, and “Picrocrosin” is accountable for the characteristic taste. Careful selection of healthy onions, tender care during the cultivation, and processing methods are the essential factors for extracting an excellent quality of saffron threads.

Golden spice

Saffron is the only spice obtained from a blossomed flower. Each “Crocus Sativus” flower produces three filaments from which the saffron spice is extracted. Flowers are picked before the sunrise; saffron stigmas are collected and dried quickly to avoid evaporation of its essence in the heat of the day. Saffron needs tender care during cultivation and it is harvested by hand; which makes it the most precious spice in the world, so-called the “ King of Spices”.

Authenticity & Quality

Saffron is not all of the same quality. Therefore, a unique strategy testing has been developed, which categorize different qualities of saffron, in particular ISO3632. As a result, our products have obtained this standard. In addition, a Swiss laboratory has examined our saffron, and the result achieved above the minimum of the requirements for category I-ISO3632.

Saffron Grapghy

Three categories define saffron quality. Each category describes different types and qualities of saffron, which vary depending on appearance and variation in length, Style, and picking methods, the intensity of the color( Crocin), aroma (Safranal), taste (Picrocrocin), and chemical value give us different categories. Category I consist of three different qualities of saffron: Royal quality: top quality (very high in color intensity with long filaments), Superior Quality: very high quality (very high in color intensity with long filaments), Premium quality: (good in color intensity with shorter filaments). Zaffrane has selected for you with love the two top-quality saffron from the first category; Royal quality and Superior quality.

Category I: Royal Quality, Superior quality, Premium quality                                Category II: Mancha                                                                                          Category III: Bunches

Healing power

Some studies have shown that saffron is rich in antioxidants. Despite claiming to be a universal medicine, saffron, has healing power on physical health and mood improvement, and it is being used in some medicine and skin products. However, it is necessary to use saffron in moderation and small amounts if consumed regularly; the usual proportion of saffron is between 0.01 gr to 0.02 gr per person per meal.

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