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Saffron threads 4gr

(4 customer reviews)

CHF 27.90

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  • CHF 9.90 / 1GR
  • TVA included for Switzrland
No artificial additives
No genetic engineering (GMO Free)

  • Pure saffron threads
  • Net weight: 4 gr
  • Superior quality
  • Category I-ISO 3632
  • Responsible cultivation and gentle hand-harvested
  • Store in a dry and cool place
  • To be used by March 2026
  • Laboratory values: Crocin:> 261; Picrocrocin:> 90; Safranal: 36; Moisture content ≈ 5.99%
  • Free from colorings, flavor enhancers, and artificial flavors

Zaffrane’s pure saffron is derived from carefully selecting healthy Crocus sativus onions, tender care during cultivation, and gentle hand-harvested. Our saffron adds a distinctive flavor to your dishes, slightly bitter with powerful golden yellow color and sweet heavenly floral fragrance. Zaffrane’s pure Saffron is the top product in worldwide saffron cultivation; we aim to reconnect you with nature and its unique flavours and properties.

4 reviews for Saffron threads 4gr

  1. sharif Khan

    I really love this product and the quality was top-notch, thanks Zaffrane

  2. Cia Tonelli

    Thank you so much! 😍🙏 I really liked the perfume, very aromatic! My first try turned out great I’m looking forward to use it in other dishes later! 🤩😘

  3. Iwona

    Depuis que j’ai gouté à ce safran j’ai envie d’en ajouter dans tous mes plats. Il a un goût subtil qui apporte une saveur exquise et délicate dans mes préparations. C’est une belle découverte.

  4. Barbara

    Je suis très content du safran, la saveur est vraiment incroyable. Je l’ai fait avec du riz, des crevettes, du poulet et même dans mon thé.

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