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Havan & Soffron – 770
Havan 02- 770
Havan & Soffron – 770
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Zaffrane Traditional Mortar

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  • CHF 14.90 / 1GR
  • TVA included for Switzrland

The best method of using saffron is to buy saffron in threads and grind them just before adding it to your meal. This method releases all the essence in saffron filaments all at once and extracts the maximum color and odor from the threads.

  • Traditional brass mortar is the best for grinding saffron threads, because of the materials and raw ingredients that are used in it.
  • Saffron filaments are well crushed and can be easily ground without sticking to the mortar.
  • It is lightweight to carry and easy to use and wash.
  • It is durable, aesthetically interesting, and a “must-have” in your kitchen!


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